5 Workplace Ethics Training Activities For Employees

The fact remains that any organization that does not take business ethics seriously is setting itself up for disaster. Since a company is responsible for the actions of its employees, it is very crucial that every member of staff undergoes workplace ethics training. This will educate workers and keep them abreast of what is expected as well as what is right or wrong at any particular time. Organizations can maintain etiquette while serving its clients to the best of its abilities. The actions of employees reflect on an organization’s business. Since the organization can be financially and legally responsible for its workers’ decisions, workplace ethical training is necessary to keep things in check. Here are five workplace ethics training activities employees can engage in:

  • Draw up a detailed business ethics code – The Human Resources Department should create a code that has full descriptions on how to deal with situations in the office which call for ethical decision-making skills. This should include what is believed to be acceptable as well as unacceptable practices.
  • Play out realistic or real-life scenarios and use case studies as well – Get employees to discuss possible issues and its consequences. – Create real-life scenarios and get employees to pitch in with ideas on how best to handle such situations. This will entail examining all options and come up with solutions that follow the organization’s code of ethics.
  • Get employees to undertake ethics dilemma discussion – This is a chance for the employees to work out various ethical dilemmas that may crop up in the course of day-to-day business activities and go for the best route to follow. – What happens if a coworker is harassing another employee? What do you do if you come across a supervisor bullying a junior officer? What do you if a customer lashes out at you? These and more need to be discussed by a leader and the employees as well.
  • Act out touchy situations or conversations – This activity is best suited for tricky situations that may arise without any warning and requires prompt responses to dampen. – In most cases, situations like that leave no room for deliberation. This is why it is crucial to have a plan in place to guard against such circumstances or to handle them efficiently whenever they arise.
  • Empower employees – It is vital that every workplace has an unnamed whistle-blower feature in place which allows reliable employees to report blatant or unprincipled activity without fear of being implicated. Workplace ethics training in this regard will focus on employees recognizing illegal or unethical acts while preventing phoney or fictitious reporting. 

Workplace ethics training cannot be done in one day. You need to instil ethics gradually and keep monitoring to ensure that the required output is achieved. How do you instill organizational ethics for employees? 

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