Adapting Your Leadership Style



Adapting Your Leadership Style


Learn The Four Behavior Styles And How To Make Them Work For You

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About Course

Many theories of management and styles of leadership exist. In the end, none of them are right and none of them are wrong. Different people respond better to different styles of leadership. To be a truly skilled leader, you must become aware of the needs of your staff and adapt your leadership style to nurture the most productivity in your workers.

This online course will assess your personal leadership style and give you the tools for building connections with employees, running productive meetings and enhancing employee motivation.

What Will I Learn

  • Identify the qualities of an effective leader
  • Make the mental shift from individual productivity to influencing others
  • Recognize style differences in others and cater to their preferences
  • Build rapport using verbal and nonverbal messages
  • Conduct constructive one-on-ones and give positive and negative feedback to different styles
  • Develop individual motivation approaches for employees


  • Module One
    • Getting Started
  • Module Two
    • Course Overview
  • Module Three


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